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A Partnership Designed to Support your Business

EnFin partners with installers to help them complete more residential solar projects by offering seamless, fast financing.

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A True Partnership

Financing your customer’s solar projects through EnFin gives you access to the country’s #1 manufacturer of solar panels, Qcells. This partnership reduces the cost of your projects and gives your customers financing options that get funded quickly.

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We look beyond your customer’s credit score to approve more projects so you can close more deals.
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Technology Platform

Built with your team in mind, technology designed to grow your business.
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A simple process to pre-qualify customers, check credit, and fund loans.
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We know what it takes to build a sustainable contracting business.

We’re here to support your team and your customers.

  • Hands-on support throughout the process means that real experts are available to your team and your customers.
  • Our support team is dedicated to enabling you and your customers to move seamlessly through the financing phase.

Partnering with EnFin is a Simple Process

Apply online and get approved quickly to begin taking advantage of EnFin's solar financing solutions.

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Fill out the online application:

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Provide requested documentation and get approved as an EnFin partner

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Get access to the partner platform and begin inviting your customers to apply for EnFin financing

Common Questions about our Partnership Program

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What is an EnFin partner?

Becoming an EnFin partner gives you access to funding from a trusted solar industry leader for your homeowner’s solar installation projects.

Are you a bank? How do you lend money?

No, EnFin is not a bank. We are a financial technology provider supported by a chartered financial institution, Hatch Bank.

How do I partner with EnFin as an installer?

Partnering with EnFin is quick, easy, and 100% digital. The process is as follows:

1. Submit Digital Partner Application & Upload     Documents
2. eSign EnFin’s Dealer Agreement & ACH     Payment Form
3. Complete EnFin’s Installer Training     (approximately 1 hour)

Who is Hatch Bank?

Hatch Bank is EnFin’s chartered financial institution. Installers receive payments directly from Hatch Bank.

How do I get paid? How long does it take?

EnFin has competitive Installer Disbursement Schedules. Information about Disbursement Schedules is provided during the Installer onboarding process.

Is your process paperless?

Yes, EnFin is a fully integrated digital platform.

How will I get notified about homeowner stipulations, delays, and updates?

Notifications are highlighted within EnFin’s streamlined Partner Portal.

What are your Installer Support hours?

You can contact Installer Support by visiting our contact page here. Once onboarded with EnFin, Installers are assigned to a dedicated Partner Advisor for direct and personalized support.

What are your interest rates?

EnFin offers competitive interest rates. Apply as a Partner Installer to learn more.

Are homeowners required to complete a welcome call with EnFin?

Currently, welcome calls are optional and will not hold up the loan process.

Do you offer an ACH autopay discount to homeowners?

Yes, we offer homeowners a 0.25% APR discount if they are enrolled in ACH autopay. This incentive is not available if the homeowner is not on ACH autopay.

Are there loan prepayment penalties?

No. Homeowners only pay for interest that has already accrued. Prepayments get applied to accrued interest first, and then applied to the principal.

When is a homeowner’s first monthly payment due?

The homeowner’s first payment is due between 2 to 3 months following the loan start date or loan sign date.

Do you allow co-borrowers?

Yes, EnFin allows co-borrowers.

What if the homeowner sells their home?

EnFin recommends for the loan to be paid off by the original homeowner. However, at times, the new homebuyer may decide to assume the solar loan. The new homebuyer will be required to go through an application process with EnFin. To inquire about the transfer process, homeowners can call (866) 970-1109 to speak with a specialist. They must reach out at least 30 days in advance of closing on their home sale to begin this process.

What if the homeowner refinances their mortgage?

If the homeowner decides to refinance their mortgage, homeowners can call (866) 970-1109 to speak with a specialist. They must reach out at least 30 days in advance of refinancing to begin this process.

Do you place a lien on the home?

EnFin does not place a lien on the home. However, EnFin proceeds with a UCC-1 Filing and a County Fixture Filing, which will reflect on the property’s title. By doing so, this places a security interest on the solar system property in which EnFin has financed.

Can I only use Qcells panels if I am a partner?

EnFin will finance certain non-Qcells products.  However, we offer better rates/fees on projects that use Qcells equipment

How easy is it to have a homeowners apply for a loan?

You have the option to prequalify homeowners through a soft pull credit check to provide them with the confidence they need to proceed with the hard pull credit application. If prequalification is not done in-person, you can text or email the homeowner a prequalification link instead. Prequalification takes approximately 2 minutes, and the application takes approximately 5 minutes.

Does EnFin only fund residential solar projects?

Yes. As the first solar manufacturer-backed financing institution in the United States, EnFin takes years of solar industry experience and applies it to fund residential solar projects with the highest-degree of service and ease in the industry.

What happens at month 19?

Homeowners must seek tax guidance from their tax advisors only, not from their Installer or from EnFin.

The Target Prepayment is a voluntary payment based on the estimated Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) of 30% of the system price. A homeowner has a choice to use the estimated amount of ITC towards the Target Prepayment, along with their month 18 payment.

If a homeowner makes the voluntary Target Prepayment along with their month 18 payment, the monthly payments from payment 19 and onward will stay the same. If a homeowner pays less than the voluntary Target Prepayment, financing will re-amortize at month 18 and the monthly payment will increase starting from payment 19 and onward based on the remaining balance. If a homeowner pays more than the voluntary Target Prepayment, financing will re-amortize at month 18 and the monthly payment will decrease starting from payment 19 and onward based on the remaining balance.

The interest rate will stay the same in all cases except for the 0.25% ACH autopay discount when applicable.